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Hinges, Catches & Pins


Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May, 2016

Master trade jeweller Max Butcher will lead participants on a two day workshop journey exploring various hinges, catches and pins.



It is impossible to cover hundreds of varieties in two days but it is possible to distill various concepts and techniques that will hold you in good stead so that you can tackle any catch or hinge with a degree of confidence.

We will look at hinge knuckles, knuckle bearers and cradles, hinge standoffs, hinge pins, catch clipping plates and tongues.

We will consider good hinge and catch design and how to build in good structure to outwit customers who will treat our product with no thoughtful care.

This will be a great weekend of learning, honing skills and companionship.



About Max

My journey in the 70s saw me training as an officer cadet in the Australian Army and nearly completing a pure maths degree. I started working as a trade jeweller in 1978 and have been a self employed manufacturing jeweller since 1979.

I have had two trade/retail shops – one in Perth city and one in Morley.  Since the mid 90s I have been working from my purpose built home studio – 80sqm, double brick, air conditioned, music, tea and coffee – a tough work environment as a balm to counter working in the crazy and stressful world of trade jewellery.  Also, for two years I was the trade jewellery lecturer at Central TAFE, training all the WA jewellery apprentices.  I have also taught some fee for service courses at Curtin Uni.

I have spent 35 years fixing up poor craftsmanship and damage from use, and in that time I have made and repaired hundreds of broken hinges and catches in fob watches, lockets, hinged rings, bangles, bracelets, etc and etc.  In all jewellery repairs I am faced with a great unknown – what temperature solders did the maker use?  Concentration, technique and experience in most cases allows a repair to take place without a catastrophic remelt of unknown solder joints that are alarmingly close, creating a eutectic melt or cooking precious stones – see; it is just a walk in the park!

Come and join me as we explore the world of making hinges – one minute a potential hinge, the next second a rigid irritation.  Generally, it is not possible to make a mistake, but it is possible to take a road less often travelled.  Ha ha; enjoy it as we fix it!!!


For further information

including cost, venue and how to enrol, contact the secretary. Email:



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International Artist Workshop 2015

International Artist PHILIP SAJET will be conducting his workshop:

Jewellery is a language, let’s speak it 

from Monday 20 July to Friday 24 July 2015.

Preparations are well underway for this workshop, for more information please email

              La Campagna 5 Sajet jade enamel ring

Philip Sajet was born in the Netherlands in 1953. His studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, were followed by an apprenticeship with Francesco Pavan in Padova, Italy. Over the years he has been invited to lecture at the most prestigious institutions worldwide. Philip currently lives and works between Germany and France.




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Meet our international guest Artists

Thursday 26th June


Conveying Korean Metal Craft Cho Sung Joon & Kenny  Son


Meet & Greet

Japanese Enamellist Ms Lio

Sunday 6th July

Please follow the link for more details

meet and greet invites

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We have 3 exciting International artists who will be providing workshops for JMGA members this year, we are gauging interest at this stage to see if they will be viable for the association to run. Please let us know ASAP ( if you are interested in any of the below workshops.


27,28,29th JUNE 2014 Perth

Cho Sung Joon From Korea

Drawing in metal, The Korean tradition of Jogeum

The course focuses on Jogeum or sometimes called Joi-jil, a traditional Korean engraving-fabrication technique.

Jogeum is a process where a variety of chisels and a hammer are used to make a series of marks on sheet metal to create an image or a drawing.

CHO Sung Joon will introduce and demonstrate this technique along with other traditional Korean skills including the inlay (Ipsa) technique, as well as demonstrating distinctive techniques (using the hand-piece machine) that he has mastered in his practice.
Participants will learn how to make the specialist chisels for jogeum and produce a series of samples, learning how to use these skills in their own work.

The program also includes talks on Korean metal-craft and how traditional techniques are used in contemporary work.


 korean workshops

JULY 7-9th 2014

Miss Kyoto Lio from Japan

Enamellist, Jill Parnelll be in contact in regards to the techniques taught in the workshop


Philip Sajet Dutch Jeweller

He recently gave workshops in Europe & Thailand called Desire & Greed this is what he is in  proposing to do here in Australia 3-5day workshop

A la recherche du joyau perdu 2011 a la recherche du joydau perdu 3, 2011


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Stefano Marchetti






JMGA WA Inc are Pleased to be hosting a workshop as well as a  Meet and Greet in Perth, January 2014 with Stefano Machetti

5th January 6.30-8pm please contact JMGA for address details

stefanomarchetti6 stefano-marchetti1

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Jewellery Classes

Jewellery Classes are being offered

contact Claire to show your interest

Or on Facebook contemporary metal

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Wearable Narratives Exhibition

By Carmel Fasolo

Sandy Hopkins

Sandy Hopkins

Opening night at JMGA’s “Wearable Narrative’s” Exhibition was a big success with a huge crowd of Members, Family, Friends and industry people. Gallery Central in Perth was the perfect place to host the exhibition with it’s amazing amount of space making it really enjoyable to mingle and chat with members as well as viewing the fabulous creative pieces that all members exhibited.

Works by all members was amazing and there was such a diverse range of work and materials. I have to say I really did enjoy looking at this exhibition even the second time around. Below are just some of the amazing work by members for “Wearable Narratives”.

Sandy was WINNER of Concept Development sponsored by Jewellers & Metal Smith Group of WA Troy 1 Paper with 1611 English translation of part of the Lliad, ribbon, goldleaf, wooden beads. Have to say Sandy is one of my favourite Contemporary Jewellers. Love every thing she makes.

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