We have 3 exciting International artists who will be providing workshops for JMGA members this year, we are gauging interest at this stage to see if they will be viable for the association to run. Please let us know ASAP ( if you are interested in any of the below workshops.


27,28,29th JUNE 2014 Perth

Cho Sung Joon From Korea

Drawing in metal, The Korean tradition of Jogeum

The course focuses on Jogeum or sometimes called Joi-jil, a traditional Korean engraving-fabrication technique.

Jogeum is a process where a variety of chisels and a hammer are used to make a series of marks on sheet metal to create an image or a drawing.

CHO Sung Joon will introduce and demonstrate this technique along with other traditional Korean skills including the inlay (Ipsa) technique, as well as demonstrating distinctive techniques (using the hand-piece machine) that he has mastered in his practice.
Participants will learn how to make the specialist chisels for jogeum and produce a series of samples, learning how to use these skills in their own work.

The program also includes talks on Korean metal-craft and how traditional techniques are used in contemporary work.


 korean workshops

JULY 7-9th 2014

Miss Kyoto Lio from Japan

Enamellist, Jill Parnelll be in contact in regards to the techniques taught in the workshop


Philip Sajet Dutch Jeweller

He recently gave workshops in Europe & Thailand called Desire & Greed this is what he is in  proposing to do here in Australia 3-5day workshop

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