Hinges, Catches & Pins


Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May, 2016

Master trade jeweller Max Butcher will lead participants on a two day workshop journey exploring various hinges, catches and pins.



It is impossible to cover hundreds of varieties in two days but it is possible to distill various concepts and techniques that will hold you in good stead so that you can tackle any catch or hinge with a degree of confidence.

We will look at hinge knuckles, knuckle bearers and cradles, hinge standoffs, hinge pins, catch clipping plates and tongues.

We will consider good hinge and catch design and how to build in good structure to outwit customers who will treat our product with no thoughtful care.

This will be a great weekend of learning, honing skills and companionship.



About Max

My journey in the 70s saw me training as an officer cadet in the Australian Army and nearly completing a pure maths degree. I started working as a trade jeweller in 1978 and have been a self employed manufacturing jeweller since 1979.

I have had two trade/retail shops – one in Perth city and one in Morley.  Since the mid 90s I have been working from my purpose built home studio – 80sqm, double brick, air conditioned, music, tea and coffee – a tough work environment as a balm to counter working in the crazy and stressful world of trade jewellery.  Also, for two years I was the trade jewellery lecturer at Central TAFE, training all the WA jewellery apprentices.  I have also taught some fee for service courses at Curtin Uni.

I have spent 35 years fixing up poor craftsmanship and damage from use, and in that time I have made and repaired hundreds of broken hinges and catches in fob watches, lockets, hinged rings, bangles, bracelets, etc and etc.  In all jewellery repairs I am faced with a great unknown – what temperature solders did the maker use?  Concentration, technique and experience in most cases allows a repair to take place without a catastrophic remelt of unknown solder joints that are alarmingly close, creating a eutectic melt or cooking precious stones – see; it is just a walk in the park!

Come and join me as we explore the world of making hinges – one minute a potential hinge, the next second a rigid irritation.  Generally, it is not possible to make a mistake, but it is possible to take a road less often travelled.  Ha ha; enjoy it as we fix it!!!


For further information

including cost, venue and how to enrol, contact the secretary. Email: secretary@jmgawa.com.au



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